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Michigan Franshises
Franchise Network (FranNet) is the nation's oldest (since 1987) and most respected franchise consulting firm. With offices in over fifty North American and international cities, FranNet offers consulting services on a NO FEE basis to individuals committed to starting their own businesses. We work with over 100 franchise companies in a variety of industries. Our approach is to profile our client utilizing our proprietary online Franchise Assessment Tool, and then conduct a face-to-face consultation in order to establish a Business Model based on individual preferences, personality, transferable skills, business and personal goals, and budget. We then recommend appropriate franchise concepts for them to investigate, and coach them through the research and decision process. We are independent of the franchisors, and are solely focused on getting the client what they desire, with affordability and safety. FranNet is the ONLY group of franchise consultants who operate exclusively in their own protected territories, uniquely qualifying us to serve the people of our communities.

Michigan FranshisesSince its inception in 1987, FranNet has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). In fact, the SBA and FranNet recently created and co-sponsored an online franchising training course, making FranNet the first and only franchise consulting group to partner with the SBA in franchise education initiatives. The brief introduction to franchising course, Franchising Basics, is a free online seminar which provides three key sections that examine more than 10 essential areas relating to franchising, including category options, strategies for growth, and pitfalls to avoid. Go to Franchising Basics.

At FranNet, we know that investing in a business can be a fearful decision, so we’ve designed educational seminars and a personalized consulting service to help people like you determine if franchising is the right path, and if so, to safely research viable choices in order to select the RIGHT one. We’re here to help you learn the pros and cons of franchising, the range of costs and types of franchises, and successful techniques for doing effective research. We’ll guide you through a strategic process for finding the franchise business opportunity that is right for YOU – and our services are FREE. Contact us today to get started!

Meet Our Consultants:

Mark Cory is the local franchisee of FranNet, and has owned and operated the FranNet Michigan office since 2002. See full bio.

Brigitte Betser has valuable knowledge driven by her past franchising experiences in executive management, franchise sales, franchise training, and franchise support that make her a strong resource. See full bio.

Linda Belford offers expertise in franchising and business development supported by ownership of a highly successful franchise and 25 years of healthcare leadership experience. See full bio.
Carol WardCarol Ward, a 4th generation entrepreneur, provides business matching expertise grounded in her personal quest to find freedom and an upside after 25 years in the corporate world. See full bio.


"Having looked into franchising previously, I knew that I would need some help sorting through the myriad of franchise choices to find a business that met my needs and objectives.  After visiting one of Mark Cory’s seminars with franchisors, I decided to meet with him individually.  I found Mark to be very thorough, and he took the time to listen before making recommendations for me to investigate.  In addition, he prepared me for the discovery process to make the best use of my time.  Mark was very conscientious in the weeks that followed to offer assistance with any questions that I may have had during discovery.  I am pleased to recommend Mark to anyone who is looking into the possibility of acquiring a franchise.”
Keith Angelocci – BrightStar Healthcare of Western Oakland and Wayne Counties