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 "Funding Your Business Start-Up, Business Purchase or Franchise" - Mon. Oct. 23rd

  • Monday, October 23, 2017 | 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
  • So, you have decided to buy or start up a business. GREAT!! Now, how will you pay for it? What funding options are available to you? Want to learn more?
  • You are cordially invited to "Lunch and Learn" about funding options for your business with FranNet of Michigan.
  • FranNet of Michigan has placed 100's of people into their own business and, almost all of them have required financing of some sort. We work with several great companies that help our clients determine funding strategies and find customized solutions for their own business. We have asked one of them to share some of their ideas with you and provide an education on what funding options are available for you-right now. We will talk about...
    • Tax deferred and penalty free financing using your IRA or 401(k) account
    • Getting pre-qualified
    • SBA lending
    • Conventional lending
    • Funding business expansion
    • Other financial considerations for your business
  • Interested?? Join us for a brief but informative overview of this concept during lunch. All attendees will be given a link to get a FREE prequalification assessment.

 "Franchise Spotlight: Semi-Absentee Home & Office Decor Concept" - Wed., Oct. 25th

  • Wednesday, October 25, 2017 | 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Imagine this scenario -- a $100 billion, recession-resistant industry where the largest players only control 10% of the market. This franchise opportunity is the unquestioned leader in an extremely fragmented marketplace that positions this franchise to be the dominant force for years to come. Now imagine this scenario - you're a franchisee as this company gobbles up market share and grows as the unquestioned leader in its space. This is the webinar for you.
  • With the power of this North American brand, you'll receive comprehensive marketing, production, and technology systems that are changing the way customers view the industry. Plus, you can take the guesswork out of your business with a sophisticated analysis package. In real time, franchisees know what the ROI metrics are on their business, lead generation, marketing effectiveness and many other KPI's.
  • Utilizing this executive model business, the franchisee/owner will serve as the CEO and have a staff of two other people initially. The best franchisees have experience with managing others, and should feel comfortable networking. And the beauty of the business model is that no experience in the industry is required - as a matter of fact, 95% of current franchisees had no prior experience in the industry.
  • If you're great at networking, leading a team, overseeing the business metrics, and meeting with potential customers, this business could be tailor-made for you. With relatively little overhead and a few employees, there's tremendous potential to scale this business.
  • The Fab Five of the Franchisor:
    • Huge market in a fragmented industry
    • Technology to drive your business
    • No experience is required
    • Little overhead and few employees
    • Potential to scale
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 "Light Manufacturing Business Opportunity" - Wed. Oct. 25th

  • Wednesday, October 25, 2017 | 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Learn about this stable concept with a deep history, yet lots of room for continued expansion. The dramatic rise of business start-ups in Michigan creates even more demand for these products. This "non-franchise" business opportunity blends marketing and design services with technology and manufacturing. I'm confident it will continue to be of interest to those clients of mine seeking to grow a highly-scalable enterprise, while engaging in challenging, fun and interesting work!
  • Here's what I like about it:
    • Custom manufactured products that EVERY business needs
    • Traditional business hours (M-F, 8:30-5:30)
    • Repeat customers
    • One location with few employees
    • $200K approx. total investment (less than most retail concepts)
    • 295 current locations
    • Leverages the owner's marketing, sales, project management, technology, finance and/or manufacturing skills
  • Hear from the Company"s founder and some current business unit owners.
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 "Find Out Why Oil and Gas Executives Are Turning to Business Ownership" - Thu., Oct. 26th

  • Thursday, October 26, 2017 | 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Let’s face it – a strong US economy with low crude oil and gas prices is pretty good for just about everyone – unless you’re in the oil and gas industries. According to a recent study, more than 440,000 people around the globe have been laid off due to the continued depression of crude oil prices.  About half of those job losses have come here in North America (US 40%, Canada 10%).  And although the job loss rate has slowed in recent months, experts predict additional cuts may still be announced. 
  • So where are those executives turning?
  • With a wealth of experience and the desire to move on from an industry that has taken its lumps, many oil and gas executives are considering business ownership as their next career move. But what is the ideal fit for you when considering business ownership?

  • The experts atFranNet can help you discover exactly that.  FranNet uses an established, proprietary process to match a person’s talents and goals with the right franchise choice.

  • Join us for this free, detailed webinar from the business experts at FranNet. Designed just for you to answer all those initial questions on business and franchising basics, we’ll cover:

    • The advantages to starting a business
    • A look at franchise ownership.
    • Misconceptions about franchising
    • Building equity as a strategy
    • How to find the right franchise
  • What makes FranNet unique is how we look at your career options first (including returning to work and/or business ownership), and then jointly decide if business ownership is the right option for you. Our consultants live and work in your community meaning they know the marketplace, the competitive landscape, and bring face-to-face attention to your needs so that we’re personally there for you every step of the way. And perhaps the best part is that our services are completely free to you throughout.
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